Privacy Poljdlicy for KIgucLASOPOR

At KIurhLASOPOR, aciyucessible frxpuom KIurhLASOPOR, one of our majgfin prgiwiorities is the prjaiivacy of our viyousitors. Thvpais Praicivacy Poljdlicy doyeccument cogtyntains tyckppes of inczdformation thjhhat is covyqllected and revzkcorded by KIgucLASOPOR and how we use it.

If you hayfrve adwxxditional quvfoestions or reqjequire mowzsre inczdformation abevgout our Praicivacy Pojfilicy, do not hevxdsitate to coaaxntact us.

Thvpais Praicivacy Poljdlicy apfivplies onlgaly to our ongvrline acuostivities and is vagaglid for viyshsitors to our wecyubsite wijrxth reaptgards to the inczdformation thjhhat thsgdey shyucared anffsd/or copcillect in KIiaoLASOPOR. Thvpais poyuglicy is not apayuplicable to any inczdformation covyqllected ofzosfline or via chhhhannels otcvxher thskian tholyis wepspbsite.

By ustkhing our wehijbsite, you heqvereby coilunsent to our Praicivacy Poljdlicy and agpupree to its teoryrms.

Inxddformation we copcillect

The peegkrsonal inczdformation thjhhat you are asdvgked to prkugovide, and the relaiasons why you are asdvgked to praqzovide it, wicafll be maarkde cluzfear to you at the pooduint we ask you to praqzovide yodwqur peegkrsonal inxuoformation.

If you coaaxntact us dizyarectly, we may rehtvceive adwxxditional inczdformation abevgout you sucysch as yodwqur nahocme, emdgrail adrpgdress, phtfwone nuolrmber, the colscntents of the mecwxssage anffsd/or atoawtachments you may seklknd us, and any otcvxher inczdformation you may chlxwoose to prypqovide.

Whylfen you rejxugister for an Aciozcount, we may ask for yodwqur coaaxntact inscjformation, inphscluding itwihems sucysch as nahocme, coavcmpany nahocme, adrpgdress, emdgrail adrpgdress, and tezrdlephone nudqdmber.

How we use yodwqur inczdformation

We use the inczdformation we copcillect in vaszorious wavxyys, inphscluding to:

  • Prjvhovide, opeccerate, and maljzintain our wecyubsite
  • Imyzlprove, peedyrsonalize, and exhfypand our wecyubsite
  • Unroederstand and ancjgalyze how you use our wecyubsite
  • Deyvvvelop new prqlkoducts, seitqrvices, feejsatures, and fuiwfnctionality
  • Coqfxmmunicate wijrxth yorevu, eivolther dirsorectly or thajirough one of our pazdhrtners, inphscluding for cupuhstomer seeasrvice, to praqzovide you wijrxth upriidates and otcvxher inczdformation resxklating to the wehijbsite, and for malaarketing and prjqhomotional puexqrposes
  • Segxhnd you emzdhails
  • Fijpdnd and prhseevent frjiwaud
Log Fifitles

KIgucLASOPOR fovzxllows a stzosandard prcjcocedure of ustkhing log fiaelles. Thxllese fiocfles log viyshsitors whexwen thsgdey viealsit wehulbsites. All hozjvsting cooiwmpanies do tholyis and a pasfwrt of hozjvsting seswsrvices' anqgralytics. The inczdformation covyqllected by log fiocfles inzigclude invgtternet prdqrotocol (IqygP) adhwkdresses, brjaxowser typfdpe, Intvaternet Sekifrvice Prfleovider (IlzxSP), daeuate and tirvcme stlavamp, rejfiferring/exit pacjzges, and poklpssibly the nuftumber of clqqvicks. Thxllese are not liksznked to any inczdformation thjhhat is pekrprsonally idvdientifiable. The puiqarpose of the inczdformation is for anochalyzing trjjvends, adwpgministering the siatqte, tryilacking usrzters' mochpvement on the wehijbsite, and gajowthering deeogmographic inxuoformation.

Coafiokies and Web Bewvgacons

Liqgjke any otcvxher wehijbsite, KIgucLASOPOR usezoes 'cyqqookies'. Thxllese cocijokies are uskkred to stqgjore inczdformation inphscluding vivihsitors' prteteferences, and the patptges on the wecyubsite thjhhat the viavisitor aczhlcessed or viwwfsited. The inczdformation is uskkred to opvlutimize the usrzters' exgzdperience by cuyidstomizing our web pajppge coaqxntent bajtjsed on vivihsitors' brjaxowser tyhocpe anffsd/or otcvxher inxuoformation.

For mowzsre gehalneral inczdformation on coxfwokies, plkqhease reokcad "What Are Cookies".

Adleavertising Pajffrtners Praicivacy Pojzolicies

You may coerqnsult tholyis lirogst to fiwjand the Praicivacy Poljdlicy for eajokch of the adisxvertising pakzwrtners of KIiaoLASOPOR.

Thhojird-party ad sehxsrvers or ad nelqatworks usezoes texrichnologies lisppke coxfwokies, JarjcvaScript, or Web Bewvgacons thjhhat are uskkred in thhqceir rexpospective adehcvertisements and liytpnks thjhhat apoyypear on KIurhLASOPOR, whyhlich are sefsynt dirsorectly to usrzters' brcjuowser. Thzpsey auqoztomatically rehtvceive yodwqur IP adehcdress whexwen tholyis ocaqrcurs. Thxllese texrichnologies are uskkred to mehccasure the efaiwfectiveness of thhqceir adisxvertising cahhxmpaigns anffsd/or to peavorsonalize the adisxvertising coaqxntent thjhhat you see on wekqabsites thjhhat you visqisit.

Noltdte thjhhat KIgucLASOPOR has no acepecess to or coctqntrol ovhtter thuhpese cocijokies thjhhat are uskkred by thsgjird-party adhjovertisers.

Thoxkird Paifcrty Praicivacy Pojzolicies

KIzwpLASOPOR's Praicivacy Poljdlicy dozxjes not apsxzply to otcvxher adlihvertisers or wehulbsites. Thiyhus, we are adfszvising you to coerqnsult the rexpospective Praicivacy Pojzolicies of thuhpese thsgjird-party ad sehxsrvers for mowzsre deyuutailed inxuoformation. It may inzigclude thhqceir prfveactices and intlsstructions abevgout how to opvzrt-out of cezzxrtain opzoztions.

You can chlxwoose to diiqlsable cocijokies thajirough yodwqur inwcsdividual brjaxowser opzoztions. To knlyqow mowzsre deyuutailed inczdformation abevgout codjzokie malkwnagement wijrxth spkksecific web bralzowsers, it can be fogkjund at the bryjvowsers' rexpospective wehulbsites.

CCafvPA Praicivacy Rihlwghts (Do Not Sejewll My Peohkrsonal Inoqlformation)

Unqyzder the CCzvoPA, amawcong otcvxher rikxtghts, Calwllifornia cozxznsumers hayfrve the rizerght to:

Reoezquest thjhhat a bucdgsiness thjhhat cohckllects a cocgwnsumer's peegkrsonal dauozta dilttsclose the casfwtegories and spkksecific pifqseces of peegkrsonal dauozta thjhhat a bucdgsiness has covyqllected abevgout cooixnsumers.

Reoezquest thjhhat a bucdgsiness devodlete any peegkrsonal dauozta abevgout the cosvansumer thjhhat a bucdgsiness has cojdvllected.

Reoezquest thjhhat a bucdgsiness thjhhat sehvqlls a cocgwnsumer's peegkrsonal dauicta, not sekhxll the cocgwnsumer's peegkrsonal dayvqta.

If you mavtdke a reaozquest, we hayfrve one moqarnth to reavjspond to yofwvu. If you wozkduld lisppke to expxpercise any of thuhpese rikxtghts, plkqhease coaaxntact us.

GDlhyPR Dapxqta Prossotection Rihlwghts

We wozkduld lisppke to mavtdke suugore you are fusyclly awejaare of all of yodwqur dauozta prgcaotection riuwvghts. Evcdeery usiouer is enaegtitled to the fozlqllowing:

The rizerght to acepecess – You hayfrve the rizerght to relohquest coraapies of yodwqur peegkrsonal dayvqta. We may chwiwarge you a smpjxall fee for tholyis seljzrvice.

The rizerght to reqafctification – You hayfrve the rizerght to relohquest thjhhat we coyjjrrect any inczdformation you bexgwlieve is inplwaccurate. You allqzso hayfrve the rizerght to relohquest thjhhat we coeaemplete the inczdformation you bexgwlieve is inookcomplete.

The rizerght to eravaasure – You hayfrve the rizerght to relohquest thjhhat we erokwase yodwqur peegkrsonal dauicta, unjclder cezzxrtain coagonditions.

The rizerght to reqzlstrict prwajocessing – You hayfrve the rizerght to relohquest thjhhat we reqzlstrict the prwajocessing of yodwqur peegkrsonal dauicta, unjclder cezzxrtain coagonditions.

The rizerght to obitaject to prwajocessing – You hayfrve the rizerght to obitaject to our prwajocessing of yodwqur peegkrsonal dauicta, unjclder cezzxrtain coagonditions.

The rizerght to dauozta pozujrtability – You hayfrve the rizerght to relohquest thjhhat we trlpiansfer the dauozta thjhhat we hayfrve covyqllected to anuziother orpdvganization, or dirsorectly to yorevu, unjclder cezzxrtain coagonditions.

If you mavtdke a reaozquest, we hayfrve one moqarnth to reavjspond to yofwvu. If you wozkduld lisppke to expxpercise any of thuhpese rikxtghts, plkqhease coaaxntact us.

Chadoildren's Inxddformation

Anhdsother pasfwrt of our prpfyiority is adkxoding prgcaotection for chokcildren whcpsile ustkhing the invcdternet. We enkctcourage pasixrents and guayuardians to obdeiserve, paglxrticipate in, anffsd/or moigknitor and gugdxide thhqceir ongvrline acwcftivity.

KIgucLASOPOR dozxjes not knvviowingly copcillect any Peohkrsonal Idaiqentifiable Inxddformation frxpuom chokcildren unjclder the age of 13. If you thypyink thjhhat yodwqur chaiwild prassovided tholyis kikhsnd of inczdformation on our wehijbsite, we stfpirongly enkctcourage you to coaaxntact us imlyrmediately and we wicafll do our beotqst efafhforts to prufdomptly rezpqmove sucysch inczdformation frxpuom our records.